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Over the last fifteen years Aaron Farmer has been producing cartoons, illustrations, short films, and TV shows in his native town of San Francisco. Farmer’s illustrations frequently appear in the SF Weekly including regular appearances in the “Sucka Free City” news column. In addition, Aaron has done work for Bill Graham Presents / Fillmore Auditorium, Image Comics, and recently took on illustrating the Queen of Trash comic book series.

Aaron is also co-creator of the production company “B-Minus Presents” which spawned the half-hour cult classic TV horror show Ms. Monster and her Monster Melons and the short film Space Planetary Base Awesome, a loving homage to 1950s space serials. He heads up the art direction for the SF horror film festival Shock It To Me at the Castro Theatre, now in its fourth year. He can also be found in the halls of the old San Francisco Armory building making robot pornos for Kink.com. You’re starting to get the picture that Aaron Farmer has various interests and talents and likes to stay busy, right? So naturally when he received an email from one of his comic book friends introducing him to Super Sweet Records, he was thrilled with the idea of illustrating the story of “Supermodel” based on the lyrics of King Clarentz's song.

In his spare time, he also likes to build cardboard robot costumes. He says it relaxes him.

More information on Aaron Farmer and his work: www.robotsinlove.com