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Super Sweet Records presents:
Day of the Supermodel

Internet retail release date: September 9, 2008
Record store release date: October 7, 2008

Oakland, Calif., September 9, 2008Day of the Supermodel is King Clarentz’s second commercial album release and his first release for Super Sweet Records. Whether he’s performing as a one-man band or fronting a combo, King wins the crowd over every time with his unique punk twist on Delta blues and garage rock. These 13 tracks, laid down with drummer Bobby Lloyd Hicks of the Skeletons, are truly true-to-live, full of the King’s unique reflections on such topics as hurricane parties, sex, death, and, of course, Republicans.

“Pea Vine Whistle” and “Empire State” showcase his ability to make even the most traditional songs his own. And “Martha Stewart” and “New GOP” take it even further with modern, witty, yet timeless lyrics. The CD’s comic-book-style packaging illustrates the unique vision behind the words to “Supermodel,” which was inspired by one of the King’s many trips to 29 Palms, California. A PDF of the comic-booklet is available with full-album downloads.

The late Cub Koda (esteemed music writer, blues enthusiast, and author of the song “Smokin’ in the Boys Room”) praised King on AllMusic.com as “a modern artist with much to say and a beautifully raucous way of saying it.” A natural-born entertainer, King has been flying slightly below the industry radar for more than 30 years. A musician and visual artist, not to mention actor, he has many talents, but his true calling is music.

His first commercial release, King Clarentz, came out in 1999 on HighTone Records. An enthusiastic Blues Revue commented that his “astute observations are couched in a galloping rock-framework that borders on classic punk, but the keening full-chord slide work is pure blues.” Day of the Supermodel delivers that same Delta blues style while branching out into rawer, grungier terrain. More info and music samples at www.myspace.com/kingclarentz.

About Super Sweet Records
A record label with the slogan “It’s all about the music,” Super Sweet Records was formed in 2006 with the goal of helping musicians become full-time artists. Deb Letner (owner of Super Sweet) and King Clarentz first met when Letner was employed at HighTone Records and King was a HighTone artist. Their shared vision kept them in touch over the years, and King Clarentz is now, happily, the first artist signed to Letner’s new label. He laid down these tracks for Super Sweet in December 2007.

About the CD package illustrator
Aaron Farmer is based in San Francisco and has been producing cartoons, illustrations, short films, and TV shows for more than 15 years. His illustrations frequently appear in the “Sucka Free City” news column of the SF Weekly, and he has done work for Bill Graham Presents / Fillmore Auditorium, Image Comics, and most recently the Queen of Trash comic book series. Farmer is also co-creator of the production company B-Minus Presents, which spawned the half-hour cult classic TV horror show Ms. Monster and her Monster Melons and the upcoming short film Space Planetary Base Awesome, a loving homage to 1950s space serials. He heads up art direction for the San Francisco horror film festival Shock It To Me at the Castro Theatre, now in its fourth year. On a typical day he can be found in the old San Francisco Armory building making robot porn for Kink.com. In his spare time, Farmer likes to build cardboard robot costumes. He says it relaxes him. More info on Aaron Farmer at www.robotsinlove.com.