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“Playing slide on a Sears and Roebuck Silvertone guitar while spinning tales of voodoo, politics gone wrong, the devil's den, fast food killing the populace, and bad women and whiskey, King Clarentz is a totally modern-thinking, cutting-edge bluesman who produces a sound that is positively crude and archaic. More than just a good-time performer with a backwoods style, Clarence Brewer is a modern artist with much to say and a beautifully raucous way of saying it.”
Cub Koda, Allmusic.com

“His astute observations are couched in a galloping rock-framework that borders on classic punk, but the keening full-chord slide work is pure blues.”
Blues Revue

“The blues discovery of the year, 49-year-old Missourian Brewer is a raw slide player and singer -- the proverbial "one that got away" from the Fat Possum label. He plays with the kind of big, unstoppable beat that makes R.L. Burnside such a house rocker. And whether he's singing about the "[Bed] Spring Boogie" or devils and Republicans (what's the difference, anyway?), there's a playfulness and twisted wit at work that indicates he could turn into T-Model Ford when he grows up. Break out the moonshine.”
The Boston Phoenix

“Clarence Brewer's excellent "King Clarentz" album…has a raw intensity more usually associated with Fat Possum recordings. The 12 songs (8 originals), cover a variety of topics. "Bed Spring Boogie" shows Brewer's sense of humor, while "Fast Food Slow Death" and "Old GOP" show that he also has a handle on contemporary American issues too.”
Blues on Stage

“The cover art and [metal]-cuts on the liner notes to Clarence Brewer's King Clarentz (HighTone Records) show Brewer to be an accomplished artist. And his slide guitar playing on these 12 cuts demonstrates mastery of that instrument. Many of the eight originals on this 12-song CD are John Lee Hooker-style talking blues with subjects that are naturals for the blues--politics ("Old GOP"), sex ("Bed Spring Boogie"), the supernatural ("Devil's Den," "Graveyard Blues," and "Halloween Blues"). But he sometimes veers into uncharted territory. This is probably the only blues (or perhaps any other genre) CD to mention "rat's gonads" (in “Fast Food Slow Death"). Don't expect McDonald's to sponsor a tour anytime soon.”
Blues Bytes

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